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Are you a south essex college student looking to start an exciting new course, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide your guide to moodle, the college’s online learning platform designed to enhance your educational experience.

South Essex College embraces innovative learning, and at the core of this is the moodle platform. Moodle is an LMS that provides a dynamic and interactive online space for students and staff to access course content, engage in discussions, and collaborate on projects.

South Essex College Moodle Login

The south essex college website likely has a dedicated student portal or resources section and look for a link mentioning moodle or virtual learning environment.

To login to moodle account you will need south essex college username and password so get it and login to moodle portal by following the steps given below.

south essex moodle login

  • First open this wrbpage link
  • After opening the site, click on the button of ‘You are not logged in (Log in)’ appearing on the right side of it.
  • A window will open for you to login through Microsoft.
  • Enter your email, phone or Skype ID in the field.
  • Then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter your valid password in the field.
  • Last, click on the ‘Submit‘ button.

How to Submit Moodle Assignment on South Essex College?

The process for submitting an assignment on moodle can vary depending on how your instructor set it up.

If you have a problem or concern in college or at home, you can report this to a member of the Wellbeing & Safeguarding Team anonymously.

You can use through the general steps and provide some key points to remember:

  • Open your Moodle course and navigate to the relevant module or topic.
  • Look for the assignment title or a link with instructions.
  • Click Add submission.
  • Once you find the assignment, you should see a button labeled Add submission, Click it.
  • Depending on how your instructor configured the assignment, you might have different options.
  • Click Choose file and select the document you want to submit.
  • Some assignments allow you to directly type your response in a text box.
  • Your instructor might use plugins or other tools for more specific submissions, like audio recordings or quizzes.
  • Some assignments might have additional fields for comments, explanations, or other details. Fill them out as instructed.
  • Before submitting, make sure you’ve reviewed your work for any errors or typos.
  • Click Save changes to finalize your submission.
  • In some cases, you might need to click an additional ‘Submit’ button.

Download Moodle Mobile App on South Essex College

With the moodle app, students can access grades, course content, and more right from their smartphones. To get started, visit the Google PlayStore or Apple Store to download the moodle app.

How to login to moodle app

Follow the procedures outlined below to access the south essex college mobile moodle app login.

  • After reinstalling the app, tap either the I’m a Learner or I’m an Instructor button.
  • On the next page, type the address of south essex college.
  • You’ll be redirected to the south essex vle moodle page.
  • After that, click on the sign-in button to access moodle dashboard.

How To Set-up Moodle Course at South Essex College?

To set up a moodle course at south essex college you have to do during your studies in the college, for which we have given a few steps below which you can go through.

  • In a course, with the editing turned on, choose ‘Assignment’ from the activity chooser.
  • Give it a name and, in the description explain what the students must submit.
  • You can upload a help or example document from the Additional files area.
  • Expand the other settings to select, for example, availability times, them to submit and how you plan to give them feedback.
  • If you want them to verify they are submitting their own work, or if you want to prevent them changing their submission once uploaded, explore the Submission settings.
  • Them submit in group, explore Group submission settings, ensuring your course has groups.
  • To use a rubric instead of a single grade scale, change the Grading method to Rubric.
  • Once the assignment is saved, create the rubric from the advanced grading link in the assignment administration block on the side.

Benefits of Moodle LMS on South Essex College

Using moodle can be beneficial to both students and faculty members. They provides content to students in a central location thereby providing easy access to students and faculty members.

With moodle, students can submit assignments electronically and work with various built-in Web-based tools such as e-portfolios.

Additionally, students can also assess their peers and self-assess if projects are designed for such assessment.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Ease of Integration
  • Content Management
  • Ease of Access
  • Blended Learning Features
  • Assessment and Testing
  • Reporting and Tracking

Configure an Integration Moodle in South Essex College

If Turnitin is used for plagiarism checking, the assignment instructions will mention it, the submission process an originality report or authorization for Turnitin to check your work.

Many instructors at South Essex College might utilize Turnitin within Moodle assignments to check for plagiarism. Here are some tips on what you need to know about using turnitin on the moodle portal, which you can view.

Turnitin Integration

When an assignment requires Turnitin submission, it will be clearly mentioned in the assignment details on moodle, and look for information like Submit to Turnitin or This assignment will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin.

Submission Process

The general submission process for Moodle assignments, mentioned previously still applies, with turnitin integration, there might be additional steps or considerations.

  • Separate Upload: In some cases, moodle might have a separate upload area specifically for Turnitin submissions.
  • File Formatting: Ensure your file meets the required format for turnitin submissions. Most assignments accept common document formats like .docx, .pdf, or .txt.
  • Originality Report: After submission, turnitin will generate an originality report highlighting any potential plagiarism concerns. Your instructor might make this report available to you or use it for grading purposes.

Moodle South Essex FAQ

Q. Can my child change level of thier GCSE grade are higher or lower then expected?

A. Yes, SEC offer a wide range of courses at different levels allowing for your child to access a suitable course dependant on their ability level and GCSE grades.

Q. Are thier any tuition fees to pay for my child?

A. No, Courses are fully funded provided your child is aged 18 or under. You may need to pay for course-related kit and uniforms, although your child can make a bursary application to see if they are entitled to any financial support towards these costs.

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